Smiling Dog

Smiling Dog is a premium brand for the beast ciders made by Rossbach. It is so premium, it has a smiling dog in it's logo.

Smiling Dog Blue is apple cider from apples from Rossbach's own orchard. It usually has strong soury taste and is produced once a year - all cider lovers waiting for that part of the year.

Smiling Dog Pomegranate is the only Czech cider from pomegranate, which for sure is not from Rossbach's orchard.

Winter 2016 special is Smiling Dog Union Jack which is bitter-sweet, quite dry and comes in even smaller batch that the Blue.

In Spring 2016 Smiling Dog created one of the first Czech Ice Ciders - Smiling Dog Frozen In Time. It is a dessert cider that is usually drunk like ice wine in small quantities. We serve it at the bar as shots on rocks. In October 2016 Frozen in Time receved the second price in ice cider category at SISGA.

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