Kopparberg Cider


  • sparkling water
  • fermented pear juice created from pear concentrate
  • pear juice from concentrate
  • sugar
  • pear aroma
  • acidity regulator - citric acid
  • preservative - E202 potassium sorbate
  • antioxidant - E224 potassium metabisulfite

Industrial cider made in Sweden. Imported to the Czech Republic by Pilsner Urquell. The ads main point is that it is created with the cleanest Swedish water from Kopparberg city. Funny thing is the ad agency probably did not know that water should not be an ingredient of a good cider. Otherwise they would not make such a surprisingly honest ad campaign.

InCider Bar recommends: Do not drink Kopparberg, have some undiluted good cider instead.

Kopparberg Cider
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