Jablářství F.H. Prager

F.H. Prager is a cider from Kladno, not Prague. It is made by Ondřej and Cyril who are the best cider PR people around. Unfortunatelly the cider has very varying quality. Sometimes it is super, other times not so much. For example when Cyril last came to InCider Bar he himself was not happy about the batch of cider he had sent us.

The guys promised to send a special edition Black Label draught cider to InCider Bar back in April 2015. So far it has not arrived, so no Prager on tap.

Honey version is the only Czech cider sweetened with real honey. We do have it.

Perry is a dry pear cider made seasonally. When it is available, we do have it.

They also make Desítka and Dvanáctka (Czech words for light beer and lager) which are actually ciders. Calling cider with beer names might be the ultimate PR stunt for a beer pub, but not really a good idea for a cider bar. Therefore we never have it.

Jablářství F.H. Prager
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Tap version
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