Kliment Cidre (Premier)

Jáchym's Kliment Cidre from Všenory is the only Czech cider produced with French style keeving process from fresh apple juice non-filtered, non-pasteurized, not sweetened, no carbon dioxide added - has BIO certification. The delicate carbon dioxide bubbles are created by bottle fermentation much like a Champagne wine. From the apple to final drinkable bottle it takes 1,5 to 2 years. But the waiting is well worth it.

Until October 2015 the cidre was called Cidre Premier. Then it rebranded to Kliment Cidre and got a little bit more expensive.

There are three variants of the cidre. If unsure, start with the middle one - brut. This may save your from the other two extremes.

Demi-sec is very sweet cidre, almost like an apple juice. It is the only Czech cidre this sweet which is not sweetened by anything, not even a bit of apple juice. Jáchym simply knows how to stop the fermentation early on when there is still a lot of original apple sugar not eaten up by the yeasts. It is called keeving and almost no other Czech cider producers know how to do it.

Brut is a standard French style cidre. Almost all French cidre lovers love it (that does not mean all cider lovers, but close enough).

Extra-brut is one of the driest Czech ciders/cidres. It is so dry that it might be too dry for most. We had had a couple of wine drinkers at InCider Bar who "definitely only drink dry [wine]" and therefore requested the driest cider we have (because "all ciders are sweet", right?) Then they suffered a bit, because "this is a bit too much" they admitted. Well the moral of the story is to start with brut and move to extra-brut only when you are sure even drier is what you want. On the other hand there are cider drinkers who drink this extra-brut all night and would not change it for anything else.

Kliment Cidre (Premier)
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