Cider Magnetic Apple

Cider Magnetic Apple is made since 2011 close to Kolín. The brand started with the sweet cider, but later added dry cider, pear cider, cherry cider and in 2017 even Hoppy cider.

All kinds are made by Mejla who is a real cider guru and if you happen to have free time somewhere around Polabský mošt's place, it is good idea to stop by and have a chat. You might even be shown around the cider making area.

Jasoň (called Original in other places) is the original sweet apple cider. It got the first place in 2014 at SISGA in the 1/3L category. In 2015 it got third place in the same category.

Drsoň (called Premium in other places) is the dry version of apple cider. There is also a still version of this cider packed in bag-in-box which we use at the bar to make mulled cider from.

Pear is 25% pear and 75% apple cider, sweet as Jasoň, just with a slight pear taste added.

Cherry is by sweetness sowhere between Jasoň and Drsoň. It is an apple and cherry cider made by fermenting apple juice and cherry juice together (as opposed to adding cherry flavour on top of fermented apple cider).

Hoppy is the new flavour for 2017. It is relativly sweet cider with smell and slight taste of hops added to it. Nice touch actually.

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