Českorajský cider

Natural unfiltered cider from Český ráj made by Kuba and Zuza. The 2015 model was very dry and unfiltered and InCider Bar regulars loved it - the batch was drunk in just 3 weeks.

For 2016 the cider changed logo, bottle design and also the taste. The new cider is drier that last year's and there are more variants. Pure Apple is the closest to last year's version. Oak (Czech Dub) is the same cider but matured in oak barrels, therefore barrique cider (you can tell the two apart only by a small sticker dub on the cap). Big Bottle is a pure apple cider which is bottle matured, therefore no carbon-dioxide was added, all was created naturally like in champagne. There is a nice touch to the bottle - hand made rope security on the cork.

Českorajský cider
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