Apple Star Cider

Apple Star is a Moravian cider form Peter, who has studied wine making, but except for wine he also started making cider. He first came to InCider Bar in December 2014 to taste all other ciders to get to know his future competition. Then in March 2015 he already brought the first batch of his own cider. He is a perfectionist - he often remakes the label. In the last label remake, the name was changed to Jablečné nevíno and there will be no more Apple Star ever.

Apple Star is one of the few Czech ciders which states which apples it is made from: Topaz apple juice fermented to dry cider, then sweetened up by Golden Delicious apple juice.

There is only one variant of Apple Star - gently sweet. Everybody, who does not insist cider has to be always dry, likes it.

Apple Star Cider
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