A.K.Cider Vizovice

A.K.Cider Vizovice is so far the only Czech cider matured in oak barrels - for 8 long months. So it is one of the strongest barrique tastes found in ciders.

The cider is sweetened with added sugar because it's creator Martin has very non-standard ideas about how sweet a cider should be. It does not follow the usual opposite relation between sweetness and alcohol volume, but instead the sweetest variant is also the most alcoholic one.

Variants are: Sweet-Strong - probably the most unusual of them all. Semi-Dry is almost a standard cider, but adds a strong barrique taste to it. Dry is very dry and definitely only for the lovers of very very dry barrique ciders.

For spring 2016 there is also Sudinka - dry natural perry from Moravian Pear trees that have fruit only once in two years. Try it now while it lasts.

A.K.Cider Vizovice
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