Good cider we used to have.

Bad cider we never had.

Ciders that went through our fridge

Cider is an alcoholic drink from fermented apple juice. There are roughly four styles of cider named after the four regions that claim they invented cider. The four styles are very different and nobody probably likes them all, but still good cider of any style should be ideally made of 100% apple juice with no concentrate added.

At InCider Bar we aimed to only serve good cider. We did not ever serve industrial cider. Among the good ciders we stived to have serious variety of about 40 kinds of bottled cider and 3 ciders on tap. Usually we had representative ciders for all four cider kinds.

Bun now the bar is closed for ever and this page serves as an archive of reviews of good ciders we had and also reviews of horrible ciders we never had.