Spanish Sidra Natural and Spanish Style Cider

Spanish version of cider is called Sidra natural in Asturias or Sagardo in Basque Country.

Sidra is always very dry, very sour almost bordering vinegar and still. Unlike English style cider, sidra most of sidra natural is similar to each other. So if you like one, which is not guaranteed, you may like all of them.

It is always drunk with a special ritual. Spanish even has a verb for it - Escanciar. The point is to pour a glass from as high as possible. The Sidra hits the glass and oxidizes. Then you should drink the glass in less than 30 seconds before the bubbles get lost again. The whole feat is easier if one uses escansador which is a little cork size device that makes the sidra pour mostly downwards (as opposed to pour in all directions when escansador is not used).

If you order Sidra at InCider Bar, you will be shown how to escanciar and than you can practice yourself above a safety bucket which saves us from sweeping the flore extensively.

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Sidra natural (Spanish style cider) from Navarra. Very sour, strong apple taste. It should be served by pouring from height (escanciar).


Sidra natural from the Basque Country (Spanish style cider) which some awards in Germany as well as USA in 2015.