Over 3 years we have been open daily. However we have closed forever with the end of 2017. There is a different bar open at the same premises.

InCider Bar

the first and only cider bar in Prague

InCider Bar is the first and so far the only cider dedicated bar in Prague and in the Czech Republic. It is probably the only cider bar east of Berlin. We offer around 40 kinds of cider with 3 always on tap. We only serve good ciders. Ciders with low apple juice contents, such as the industrial ones, are not allowed to enter the bar.

Apart from cider, we do serve one Czech beer and the best picks from spirits - calvados, rum and other spirits that are apple or pear based.

We offer small snacks such as sausages marinated in apple vinegar. Sometimes we do have homemade cider-liver pate or some other cider related yummies. However, we do not have a full dining kitchen, so it is cool to bring your own dinner from nearby restaurants to the bar.

Pavel Zelezny profile photo

Well, this is I believe the best Cider bar in Prague since you can taste tens of Czech, Slovak and other international ciders from craft producers.

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Really happy we stopped into InCider while visiting Prague. If I had found it before the end of our trip it would have been hard to keep me out of the place...